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'I lost my twin sister and my mum in a matter of days because of a drink driver'

BATTLE ROYALE Meghan Markle and Prince Harry blasted for ‘completely unnecessary’ statement after Queen’s Sussex Royal ban

The Lunch Box Swansea Indoor Market

It's the biggest indoor market in Wales - and now officially the best in Britain

Swansea Market has been named the UK's best by the National Association of

British Market Authorities.

It’s the largest of its kind in Wales, famous for its saltmarsh lamb, fresh Gower cockles and laverbread - now Swansea’s famous indoor market has been named the best in the UK.

In an award ceremony in Birmingham, Swansea Market beat off more than 80 others to be named Great Britain’s best large indoor market by NABMA – the National Association of British Market Authorities.



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Westlife EXCLUSIVE 'I think we're better than EVER': Shane Filan confesses the group are 'more relaxed' than their heyday... as they announce HUGE 2020 stadium tour

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'He shot our children': how the Hanau attack unfolded

Andrew Sabisky: No 10 adviser resigns over alleged race comments

Today we feature  Jon Jones who is a Close Up Magician.  Jon is based in Llanelli but is a regular in Oxford Street, Swansea City demonstrating his wonderful magic card tricks to Swansea shoppers.


Jon has made a video profile of some of the amazing card tricks he uses on his pitch near Marks & Spencers, so to add some magic to your event contact Jon for more information.  


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As striking schoolchildren take to the streets and Extinction Rebellion brings global capitals to a standstill, the climate emergency has well and truly moved to the centre of public debate.

And when smoke from Australian wildfires obscures the sun in New Zealand – more than a thousand miles away – while Jakarta is swamped by unprecedented rainfall, the effects have never been more visible.

Worldwide economic stress and damage from natural disasters in 2018 totalled US$ 165 billion – half of which was uninsured. Yet even these catastrophic events do not fully express the extent of environmental risk facing the world today.

no sign bar - Wind Street.

The first reference to a ‘NO SIGN BAR’ the custom house with a double cellar for bonding purposes, owned by a Mr Richard Gwynn, can be found in a document of 1690. The NO SIGN BAR has since continued its trade and has been responsible for the supply of fine wines, spirits, sherries, ports and ales to many generation of Swansea folk.


Over the centuries it has been altered and extended many times and it is this electric mix of period styles that makes this historic bar so unique.


Dylan Thomas, who worked only a few doors up from the ‘NO SIGN BAR’ was a regular visitor. In his short story in entitled ‘the followers’ he refers to it as the ‘The Wine Faults’ and renamed salubrious passage on which the ’NO SIGN BAR’ stands as ‘PARADISE ALLEY.’



The ‘NO SIGN BAR’ today remains the only original bar in both name and design on one of Swansea’s historically interesting streets.

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Storm Dennis has put payed to Swansea's west pier, once and for all.

Storm Dennis has put payed to Swansea's west pier, once and for all. Extensive damage was done to the pier on Saturday as storm Dennis battered its way across the UK. The pier has now been sealed off from the public, so there will be no fishing this year. The 240-metre long concrete and timber structure is collapsing near the tower block of flats near by, residents are concerned about the state of the pier. They are worried because the sand dunes are being sucked into the river Tawe, eroding the only defence they have against the high tides during the winter months.

The concrete, twisted metal and rotting timber is in a dangerous state. And it's rapidly getting worse. While the outer pier - a popular spot for fishing remains sound, the timber and concrete inner wall is crumbling away. The area is fenced off for public safety. Associated British Ports has said it wants to replace the 240-metre inner pier wall, and has submitted a marine licence application to environmental regulator Natural Resources Wales. The firm would also need permission from Swansea Council.

TAM  the colourful man

A new outfit every day.

The Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency

The Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency vehicles will be out and about the Swansea and district areas looking for un-licensed vehicles soon. If they find one, then on goes the dreaded clamp. And it will cost you hundreds of pounds to get it off as well as a hefty fine. Is it worth it?